You are important. You are enough. You matter.

kindness-initiativeAs our lives get busier, faster and more stressful, it’s good to be reminded of this. Marcus Lavallee lived every day reminding the people around him of this fact. Jaydon Sommerfeld reminds us that life is too short, so we should make sure we live it. Combine these two amazing messages, and a new Life’s Too Shorts campaign is born.

Members of our community will be receiving random messages from the Life’s Too Shorts Committee as a reminder of your value. It’s okay to be busy. But make sure to take some time to live, be happy, celebrate your life, do good things for others, and have some fun. Because after all, Life’s Too Shorts.




The annual Life’s Too Shorts community event takes place each year at the end of August. Check back here often for details and information about the 2017 event.



“Life’s too shorts,” was tweeted by Jaydon Sommerfeld on June 5th, 2015 – 5 days before he died in a car accident. What was laughed at as an auto correct mistake will now turn into a celebration of life for our communities.

We all know the meaning of life’s too short. Life’s too short to be unhappy, to not live life to the fullest, to live with regrets. Take the time on August 27th, 2016 to celebrate, connect with your neighbour, watch or play some music, watch the Tribute Ride ad check out the hot ron cars as they pass over the bridge in honor of those we’ve lost too soon.


ITINERARY (2016 Information)

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